Tamara Wikaruk

Over the years Tamara has realised that being successful is more than sales and external recognition. Being successful in life is recognising the need to look after ourselves, to be able to rise above the challenges that life throws our way, and have the strength and resilience to enjoy the rollercoaster journey of our industry. Tamara shares her understanding of the term 'Why' explaining that our compelling reason we do what we do, our 'why' has to be strong enough to make us form consistent habits to do the things we don't like to do. The strength that holds us to our why is not our own strength but the strength of the why itself.

Key Messages

  • Never compromise family or integrity

  • Be authentic in every part of your life

  • Always trying to enhance experiences you give - for your kids, for those you work with

  • Follow through on what you say you are going to do

Tamara keeps these non-negotiables simple and clear to make it easier for her to live her life by them.

Pauline Smith