Santi Britz

The career of Sandra Britz span over a period of almost 27 years of intense involvement in business, management and real estate. Her employment history and experience in various fields, backed with continuous training and courses made her knowledgeable, well equipped and a balanced real estate professional.

Sandra is blessed with an inspiring charisma, she excels as motivator and trainer. She has a special feel for people and people management which results in high team spirit and achievement. She is currently the co-principal of a highly successful real estate business and her Harcourts Potchefstroom office is highly commended within the national Harcourts group.

Key Messages

Santi’s speech is uplifting and inspiring in the way she focuses on how a traumatic experience such as rape can be turned into an opportunity to help other people understand the lifelong impact it has on its survivors and those close to them.

Pauline Smith