Kim Shorland

Kimberley Shorland opened her real estate agency in 1999, 5 years after joining the industry. Now operating for 17 years Harcourts Adelaide Hills is the leading agency for selling the highest net worth of properties in the Adelaide Hills. With a specialised team of 33 people ranging from administration, marketing, property management, business development, finance and sales, Harcourts Adelaide Hills offers a holistic real estate service. Leading a diverse team is what Kim enjoys the most. With a deeply ingrained culture of mutual trust, friendship, support and collective professionalism, it’s the growth of not only the individual but of the entire team that is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.  

Key Messages

Kim’s desire to own a real estate agency from the age of 11 was a dream that she hunted down and achieved by the age of 22. Owning and running her office and combining that with bringing her two children in to the world and growing a team, made for some interesting and uncertain times. Kim speaks openly about the emotional and financial challenges, self-belief and her uncompromising importance of values to break through to where she is today

Pauline Smith