Kate Littlejohn

In her role as Business Operations Manager for Harcourts Kate assists with the growth of the Harcourts brand throughout Tasmania. This involves providing assistance with setting up new offices, branding requirements, technology, staffing, implementing systems and procedures and anything else that a new office joining the ever expanding Harcourts Group in Tasmania needs.

This role allows Kate to deal directly with the people that will help to grow the Harcourts Group to be the number one real estate company in the state. Kate enjoys the fact that she has a mix of administration based responsibilities in this role along with actually getting to meet the people and physically assisting with the day to day operations of a business. 

Key Messages

  • Work hard to make your mark. Ask for more responsibility and put in the extra hours.

  • Take the risk. Change is scary but when opportunity appears 'jump' then surround yourself with people who have the skills you don't.

  • Relationships are a mixed bag. Its a full time job keeping up with all the people that matter in your life so choose carefully! Don’'t waste time on people who don't reciprocate what you give.

  • Be prepared to let go. Juggling work and motherhood is hard. Don’t over commit and sacrifice your health trying to have it all.

  • Speak up and always invest in you.

Pauline Smith