Bridget Gabites

Bridget has spent the last 8 years working in Real Estate for the Harcourts Group, and whilst she has had amazing success in her work achievements including being in the Top 10 agents for Harcourts Queensland, a Finalist in the REIQ Awards for Agent of the Year, and was the Top agent in her Inner City office and in her area of Kelvin Grove for over 5 years until she hung up her sales hat and took on the role of Director of Growth & Marketing with the Harcourts Solutions Group - she is a fabulous example of the belief that work success isn't everything… and that choosing your real life path and balancing all your goals and dreams is far more important - she truly walks the talk of leading a life by design. Her story of how she got here is an emotional one, by the age of 24 she had survived cancer herself whilst losing her soulmate to it after a 4 year battle, she had moved countries, changed careers, been a carer for 4 years and woke one day unable to get out of bed... her is her story is one of pulling herself out of the depths of despair to learn all the wonderful reasons life is worth living. She chooses a life by design through use a beautiful toolbox of reviewing, planning, directions & goals, and using gratitude daily as a constant reminder of the joy and wonder in the world.

Key Messages 

  • Sometimes we need to look backwards in order to continue moving forwards

  • Using a Growth Journal as your roadmap – set the direction, track the progression, make adjustments, try again

  • Set your life up using: Values, Directions, Learning, Ideas and Adventure to achieve REAL life success

  • We can only hope it’s a long game, but start doing the fun stuff now just in case

  • Gratitude 365 Days a year. No pass-outs.

Pauline Smith