Alison Aitken

Alison is consistently Harcourt's highest achieving sales consultant in New Zealand. Since starting her career in 1991, she has produced outstanding results in real estate sales. After successively holding the position of No. 1 Female Salesperson for Harcourts for several years, she rapidly climbed the success charts and held the coveted title of No. 1 Salesperson for Harcourts in Christchurch for 13 consecutive years and was No. 1 Salesperson Nationally 1999-2003 and 2011/2012.

Alison's achievements are the result of passion for the business, hard work and a deep understanding of the industry and the wants and needs of the many individual clients she deals with. "Success in real estate comes through good communication, the basis of which is listening to and understanding your client and tailoring with them the solution for their particular situation." Innovative and effective marketing has also helped Alison in her quest for outstanding results, her prowess in the field of auction has produced extraordinary results for many of her clients. Alison derives enormous satisfaction from the many referrals and recommendations from past clients and enjoys a very high percentage of repeat business.

Key Messages

  • Luck – preparedness meeting opportunity.

  • Being in the right place at the right time. Just be in more places!

  • Have coping strategies and keep focusing on your big picture.

  • Have an abundance mentality and never give up.

  • Respect everybody. Never forget your origins. Life can be a bitch, it doesn’t need company.

  • Have humility and gratitude.

  • Delegate.

  • Work with experts.

  • Be prepared to pay the price – adversity, there can be no success without it.

Pauline Smith