Sam Forde | South Australia

Sam is a firm believer in striving to be better tomorrow than she is today.

When she was young, that meant spending hours training in the pool.

Now, her personal challenge is long distance running. In the past five years, she has competed in marathons in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland – and she is pleased to say she has beaten her personal best every time.

It’s the same with her career. Sam has worked in real estate for 26 years and is currently managing director of a fast growing business on South Australia’s beautiful South Coast. While she knows vision and hard work are key contributors to their success, she also knows that their growth owes more to the team of people we work with and who deliver on our vision every day.

The one thing she enjoys most is mentoring the people around her - helping them to reach their personal and professional goals by being better tomorrow than they are today!

Pauline Smith