Irene Green

I have been blessed to have strong role models, mentors and positive influence in my life. I wear a necklace of thirteen diamonds in memory of the year 2013 when I lost two of the most influential; my father and Nelson Mandela. Incredibly it was also the year that I was inducted into the Harcourts Hall of Fame, gifting me with a sense that maybe I was enough. At that event in the crowd, a young woman decided not to give up on her dream to have a career in real estate because of something I said that inspired her to keep going in her struggle to succeed as well as raise a young child.

I realised that ordinary hard working women like me could make a difference for others. We may not be professional speakers but we have important stories to share of how we faced the challenges others now face. We may not be famous but we are extraordinary in our accomplishments and the life lessons we have learned. We can provide practical advice and valuable support that may help other women to succeed, to keep trying, to take more opportunities, to be proud of themselves.

Pauline Smith