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Pay it forward

As we live this life we gain wisdom. Inspirational Women are passing this wisdom on via mentoring other women in our industry.
The Mentees then go on to support the inspirational women network by helping others.
'As we receive we must then pay it forward.'

Defining a Mentor

It is a common misconception to believe that coaching and mentoring mean the same thing.
Coaching is primarily about teaching skills and improving performance, as demonstrated from its origins in sport. It is action and target oriented with a clear focus on accountability to tasks set. The coach is usually paid a fee to drive the relationship and provide the direction needed.
Mentoring focuses on the overall development of the person and is often about knowledge transfer from a more experienced to a less experienced person. It is more voluntary in nature, less formal than coaching and more about wise counsel and encouragement. It is the Mentee that drives the relationship asking for what they need.

A guide to the role of Mentor

The Mentor’s role is to provide counsel, advice and guidance but also to lead by example through modelled behaviour as expected from an Inspirational Woman




Help your Mentee to get clear on what their needs are so that you can determine whether you are the right Mentor for them




It is critical that you maintain confidentiality. Anything you are told in confidence cannot be shared unless the Mentee gives you permission to share information.




Give advice and guidance, share ideas, and provide feedback.

Act as a sounding board for ideas/concerns about work/ success.

Provide insights into possible opportunities.

Provide support on personal issues such as managing family and career.

Help mentees think through important decisions and strategies.




Identify resources to help mentee enhance their personal development and career growth e.g. recommended books or courses.

Expand the mentee's network of contacts and refer them to others that may help.

The Commitment

Mentors will see a new Mentee for an introductory session and, if in agreement, will set dates for further meetings not more than 3 months apart.

The meeting place should be a convenient one for the Mentor or via Skype.


The commitment to 4 sessions needs to be agreed to at this time. Participating in the Mentoring Service as a Mentee or Mentor implies a commitment to the process.


The mentor is not an accountability coach and will not instigate contact. It is up to the Mentee to arrange meetings or calls and confirm scheduled meetings one week prior


Each mentoring session should last about 60 to 90 minutes, and take place once every 3 months unless agreed more frequently.


At the end of the mentoring sessions the Mentee is welcome to follow up via email on their actions taken.


Mentees should maintain a personal development plan or diary in relation to their needs and record their progress


All information supplied to the Mentor is confidential


Our Mentors cannot act as an advocate, witness or provide advice on disputes that the mentee may be involved in. However, they can help develop plans for coping or developing new opportunities.


Mentees will pay it forward within 2 years by assisting in Inspirational women events or mentoring others

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Contact your regional ambassador if you would like to know more about the 'Pay it Forward' program