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Emilie Jordanou

About Emilie

Enthusiastic, friendly, personable defines Emilie as the moment she introduces herself you can’t help but feel comfortable and at ease.


This warm, personable approach has raised her to be a shining star in the Real Estate industry along with her highly honed sales skill set.


Always willing to put in the extra effort to make sure her clients are happy and always sincere in her recommendations and observations, Emilie’s focus is fiduciary to her clients and believes communication is the key.


Possessing impeccable time management and organisational skills makes Emilie a true professional.


Outside of work Emilie enjoys keeping fit and healthy. She has a passion for design in both fashion and interior including an eye for photography that appeals to her creative nature.


Jo-Anne Clifford

About Jo-Anne

Having worked for over 30 years at Harcourts, Jo has experience in most facets of the real estate industry. Now currently the Chief Operations Officer for Harcourts International she is also a Director and shareholder of the company, and a Director of Mortgage Express.


Jo has exceptional leadership skills that have been consistently recognized in various roles within Harcourts. As Financial Controller she lead the Finance Department in developing the best accounting practices, as Head of Technology she lead the team as they developed the first Harcourts website (now the most visited real estate company website in New Zealand), as Head of Franchise Development she oversaw the franchising of 90 offices from company owned to franchised. She went on to become the Northern Regional Manager where she played a key role in growing the Auckland market share and as Chief Operations Manager she was responsible for the day-to-day running of the company as it grew to over 180 offices with over 1,800 sales consultants within New Zealand.


In 2015, Jo moved to Chief Operations Officer for Harcourts International, implementing her managerial and directional skills across the eight countries we operate in. Working closely with the leadership team in each country, Jo continues to work strategically across the business to ensure effective delivery of technology, marketing products and training, along with business growth and development.


Key Messages

Jo speaks about her personal journey intertwined with the history of Harcourts New Zealand franchising through to her current role as Chief Operations Officer in the Harcourts International group.


Through the 33 years of being involved in Harcourts there has been many business and personal lessons that has helped to shape who she is and she shares those lessons with the audience. Focusing on encouraging young women to strive to take opportunities to grow in business and to surround yourself with family traditions that balances work and life.


Joan Eu

About Joan

Joan, who came to Australia from Singapore in the 1970s, has a successful business background in the healthfood industry coupled with a fine track record for achieving outstanding results in real estate sales since 1997.


Real estate, Joan says, is all about working with people, not selling bricks and mortar. Joan has never lost sight of the fact that any real estate transaction, regardless of the location, size or value of the property, involves the most important decisions people make during their lifetime and works closely with them through this often stressful time.


A good listener, Joan’s warm nature and friendly approach have contributed significantly to the reputation she has earned for being one of the most professional and successful real estate agents. As a member of the international Harcourts brand, Joan is able to offer her clients the most advanced resources in the industry and to consistently develop her own skills through the company’s excellent training.


Joan’s primary objective is to present the best skills and support services available in real estate today to assist her clients in achieving the best results.


Kate Littlejohn

About Kate

In my role as Business Operations Manager for Harcourts I assist Tony with the growth of the Harcourts brand throughout the state. This involves providing assistance with setting up new offices, branding requirements, technology, staffing, implementing systems and procedures and anything else that a new office joining the ever expanding Harcourts Group in Tasmania needs.


This role allows me to deal directly with the people that will help to grow the Harcourts Group to be the number one real estate company in the state – which I am very excited about! I enjoy the fact that I have a mix of administration based responsibilities in this role along with actually getting to meet the people and physically assisting with the day to day operations of a business.


Key Messages
  • Be decisive. Say no if it doesnt feel right and never just settle for anything.
  • Work hard to make your mark. Ask for more responsibility and put in the extra hours.
  • Take the risk. Change is scary but when opportunity appears 'jump' then surround yourself with people who have the skills you don't.
  • Relationships are a mixed bag. Its a full time job keeping up with all the people that matter in your life so choose carefully! Dont waste time on people who don't reciprocate what you give.
  • Be prepared to let go. Juggling work and motherhood is hard. Dont over commit and sacrifice your health trying to have it all.
  • Speak up and always invest in you.


Katrina Weidemann

About Katrina

With an excellent grounding in communication and customer service skills, Katrina has a passion for Property Management and has consistently improved the Business Development aspect of Harcourts Ballarat, by increasing the Property Management Portfolio organically by more than 20% over the past 12 months simply through offering unparalleled service to clients in her role as Department Manager.


Katrina is extremely competent, always tough but fair, and constantly applies herself in a calm & empathetic manner, when managing the rental needs of Landlord’s Investment Properties entrusted to her care on their behalf.


At Harcourts we understand that Property Management is not purely about collecting rent, but maximising your dollar return by ensuring the best possible tenant is sourced to provide a long and stable Lease Agreement with minor interruptions to your property/investment.


Katrina is always available 24/7 and says she never switches her phone off! Along with her work colleagues, those who deal with Katrina, quickly establish that she is reliable and trustworthy. Her motto is “I always do what I SAY I will do, WHEN I say I will do it!”


Katrina has been awarded the prestigious title of No.1 Top Property Manager in Australia for the Harcourts Group for the last 3 consecutive years. A coveted award presented to only those who have excelled in a major way within Property Management businesses, achieving excellence.



Kim Shorland

About Kim

Kimberley Shorland opened her real estate agency in 1999, 5 years after joining the industry. Now operating for 17 years Harcourts Adelaide Hills is the leading agency for selling the highest net worth of properties in the Adelaide Hills. With a specialised team of 33 people ranging from administration, marketing, property management, business development, finance and sales, Harcourts Adelaide Hills offers a holistic real estate service. Leading a diverse team is what Kim enjoys the most. With a deeply ingrained culture of mutual trust, friendship, support and collective professionalism, it’s the growth of not only the individual but of the entire team that is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.


Key Messages

Kim’s desire to own a real estate agency from the age of 11 was a dream that she hunted down and achieved by the age of 22. Owning and running her office and combining that with bringing her two children in to the world and growing a team, made for some interesting and uncertain times. Kim speaks openly about the emotional and financial challenges, self-belief and her uncompromising importance of values to break through to where she is today


Linda Hulme

About Linda

Linda has an infectious passion for property and a genuine commitment to providing supreme service to her clients.


Her pledge to her clients is to at all times provide honesty, professionalism and transparency whilst ensuring that they achieve the best possible price through skilled negotiations.


Linda's success is highly attributed to her innovative ideas, motivation and striving to be the best at all times.


Key Messages

No matter what life throws at you it will be your own personal strength and attitude that will see you ultimately succeed. Linda shares an emotional account of building a successful business whilst dealing with illness and grief only to start all over again in the field of real estate. A brave and heartening story. 


Tina Nenadic

About Tina

Tina Nenadic has enjoyed immense professional success as a mortgagee accredited and award winning licensed real estate agent who prides herself on her steadfast ethics, endless enthusiasm and resolute dedication to making her clients real estate dreams become a reality. Tina's knowledge of the local area is unrivalled, having previously managed her own small business before turning her hand to real estate in 2003, she has an intimate insight into the local market. An indispensable part of the community, Tina is a familiar face in the area. Whether it be rolling up her sleeves for a sausage sizzle at a local school fete, running a popular school fitness program for parents or representation on the P&C of Merrimac State School and Varsity College, Tina genuinely loves giving back to the area she adores and where she has seen so much success. 


Nicole Occhibove

About Nicole

Nicole comes from an extensive customer service based industry having worked alongside one of Werribee's most well-known and successful agents, building on her wealth of skills and knowledge.


Before Nicole entered the Real Estate industry she had been working for 10 years as an Interior Designer and Colour Consultant with Melbourne’s Awarding Winning Builders assisting them with their Display Homes and clients.


Nicole works very close with Michelle Chick as her Business Partner. This partnership is based on mutual strengths and they complement each other, Nicole feels blessed to be mentored by an award winning agent.


Sadhana Smiles

About Sadhana

Sadhana Smiles is Chief Executive Officer of Harcourts Victoria. Being a woman CEO in the often male dominated real estate industry has undoubtedly brought out the very best of Sadhana. Her renowned wit, her inspiring personality, her acute ability to capitalise on a commercial opportunity, and her innate sense of being able to quickly identify issues affecting business performance, have earned Sadhana the respect and admiration of some of the most respected and admired leaders of the Real estate world in Australia today.


Having worked with teams of up to 250 sales agents and 100 property managers, Sadhana has successfully implemented innovative training programs, performance management and business systems, database and client relationship systems, and implemented pioneering technology concepts.


Sadhana is also the proud and very active founder of a not-for-profit organisation, “Links Fiji”, set up to help create real change in women’s health through education. She was recongised in 2007 for her contribution of women in franchising with the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Franchise Woman of the Year award for Victoria/Tasmania.


Key Messages

Sadhana speaks of her Fijian upbringing and her ongoing connection through her work to ensure Fijian women are screened for early cancer detection. Adopting 5 Fijian children to add to her own family is a wonderful example of the heart this woman has. Harcourts only woman CEO and 2015 Australian Telstra woman of the year Sadhana drives “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” to raise much needed funds to stop violence against women. A truly inspirational Harcourts woman


Sarah Sheppard

About Sarah

Sarah Sheppard (nee: Williams) has been an employee of the Brock Harcourts group since the beginning of 2001. During this time she has rubbed shoulders with some of Adelaide’s best real estate sales consultants so it comes as no surprise after having already spent 15 years in the industry and majority of that time with the market leaders that she is an award winning consultant in her own right. As a result Sarah is also extremely knowledgeable having sold many residential homes, vacant land, assisted with sub-divisions and other wealth creating projects involving real estate. Sarah counts integrity and honesty as her most cherished values and her outstanding results speak volumes for the dedication she believes her clients deserve. Her open personality and optimistic approach go well with her genuine interest in people, and real estate.


Sonia Miles

About Sonia

Sonia has been with Harcourts, the Property People since 2015 in the role of personal assistant to Garth Makowski, one of the most successful business owners of Harcourts. Prior to this she was in real estate sales for 4 years.

Sonia is also mother to three children and in her time has been a successful seamstress having had her own children’s wear label, evening and wedding gown label and has also  owned a successful cup-cake business specialising in wedding and novelty cakes. Her passion and flair for creativity has resulted in an eventful career prior to real estate.


Key Messages

Sonia speaks of the adversities life has thrown at her and how she’s used those events to learn, grow and become a stronger woman. Her style of presenting is courageous, raw and truly inspirational as she talks about two big issues in today’s society: cancer and domestic violence and her refusal to take on the role of ‘victim’. As a speaker she will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions with her attitude of honesty, positivity and always approaching things with a sense of humour. You’ll take away with you a new way of looking at the trials we all face in life and will re-evaluate the things that are really important.

In closing, Sonia encourages us all not to make excuses, not to put things off, to live the life you want to now and live it with gratitude, making every moment count.

“None of us get out of life alive so be gallant, be great, be gracious and be grateful for the opportunities you have”.


Mary Turnbull

About Mary

Known for her passion in whatever she undertakes, Mary Turnbull puts forth tireless vigour into her real estate endeavours. Earnest to give only the best quality service, she goes the extra mile for her clients. Taking time to really get to know them and see their needs is primary to Mary, enabling her to provide tailored guidance.

What can be expected from Mary is a resolute determination which can be seen in the numerous awards and accolades she has received. From receiving NZ rookie of the year 2004/2005 to ranking in the Top 10 Internationally for all Harcourts from 2009-2015, Mary continues to out-do herself. Harcourts is not the only one testifying to the great work she has accomplished but her clients have written amazing things regarding her integrity, outstanding work ethic and all-around performance they have seen while working with her.

Mary, a committed mother of three, can relate to the busy life many lead; her and the team that backs her can bear for you any stress that may come with buying or selling a property. In an unruffled manner and full of professionalism Mary and her team will work together with you to achieve your goals. Years of experience and expertise are what you gain by choosing Mary to advocate for you and look after your interests.


Key Messages

  • You can always turn life around.  You don’t have to stay in a certain mould and nothing comes without hard work.
  • Passion and knowledge precede success.
  • Be grateful for what you have.  Resilience was born out of limited choices.
  • No shortcuts, long hours and hard work are the back bone of my success.


Santi Britz

About Santi

The career of Sandra Britz span over a period of almost 27 years of intense involvement in business, management and real estate. Her employment history and experience in various fields, backed with continuous training and courses made her knowledgeable, well equipped and a balanced real estate professional.


Sandra is blessed with an inspiring charisma, she excels as motivator and trainer. She has a special feel for people and people management which results in high team spirit and achievement. She is currently the co-principal of a highly successful real estate business and her Harcourts Potchefstroom office is highly commended within the national Harcourts group.


Key Messages

Santi’s speech is uplifting and inspiring in the way she focusses on how a traumatic experience such as rape can be turned into an opportunity to help other people understand the lifelong impact it has on its survivors and those close to them.


Tracey Garbes

About Tracey

Motivated, positive and dependable with a great sense of humour and love of diversity, Tracy Garbes is the ultimate professional, sales executive and business owner. Tracy is one of the top representatives for Harcourts Western Australia. The number one female agent for Harcourts WA in 2011 and in the top 100 nationally in 2011-2014, Tracy’s drive, determination and motivation are obvious.


As a former small business owner, Tracy understands that no two people have the same needs and desires. Regardless of whether they are vendors, buyers, landlords or simply those seeking advice, Tracy sees the person within and works accordingly to ensure their individual needs are met quickly, professionally and with the minimum of stress. With an ability to adapt herself to the needs of her clients to ensure that she delivers the best service she can, Tracy is constantly seeking the latest technological and marketing techniques to help her clients and, in turn, allow her business to grow.


Loving the flexibility to work around family commitments that being an agent affords and with a strong team that includes partner Jason and daughter Jasmine, an unsurpassed local knowledge and a positive outlook that sees problems as nothing more than opportunities, Tracy is the agent you can trust to get the job done.


Key Messages
  • Not dwelling on the negative when overcoming obstacles in life by keeping positive.

  • How events in your life create the person you are today and that’s ok

  • Resilience and acceptance of your lives journey

  • Being a strong positive role model for our children, in particular our daughter


A symbol of inspiration

    Every inspirational women speaker wears a silver bracelet gifted to them at their event in recognition of the courage and generosity they have shown.