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Heather deFina | QLD, Australia

About Heather

My journey with Harcourts began in 1999. I needed to be successful, and I needed to get there fast, as I had four children to support, alone. With the many challenges I faced throughout my sales career, there was always someone in Harcourts to offer support. How lucky I chose Harcourts, as they have given me a vehicle to further my learning, and an extension to my family. My work has become one of the most important parts of my life. My children have been impacted in a very positive way, through my experiences with this company. Building connections with wonderful people, and especially seeing other women push through their challenges and find success and happiness, has been the most rewarding experience of my career.


My story is about the lessons learned and strategies used to prosper in real estate and survive as a parent. With 4 children my sole responsibility and 6 with shared responsibility who visited every school holiday, time management and focusing on priorities was paramount. It's about knowing I couldn't have it all, and being happy and fulfilled with that.


Also an inspirational women speaker.


Key Messages

Switch Channels

Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

One Step at a Time

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Clare Seamer | WA, Australia

About Clare

I am one of the Directors of Harcourts Mandurah, in recent years I was a Licensee, a position I relinquished to concentrate solely on my number one love in the business – listing and selling Real Estate. My passion is people and my motto is “A client today is a client for life” and this drives my commitment and dedication to service. My high level of repeat and referral business is testament to this.


I feel the key to my success is having the balance between the love of real estate and the love and support of family and friends. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive husband and 3 amazing sons. This career has given me so many opportunities.


The opportunity to give back to an industry that has given me so many different things would be a privilege.


Also an inspirational women speaker. 


Key Messages

Clare speaks openly and honestly about her life and the impact of the many events that happened throughout that shaped her into the person she is today, including her journey through real estate from administration to property management to sales and now to business ownership. She talks about family, about the guilt of being a full time working mum weighing against the passion and love of a great career and how to create balance and compromise to achieve a happy life. Clare urges us to take advantage of opportunities because if you don’t have a go you will never know! In closing Clare discusses surrounding yourself with the right people and the power of positivity.

Janet Okaro | NSW, Australia

About Janet

Janet has spent over 7 years working in the field of Human Resources, Learning and Development and has also spent time studying and working with children in primary education in Australia and abroad.


Janet's skills, passion and goal of developing people is utilised in her dual role at Harcourts NSW as Business Operations Manager and Academy Trainer.


This role involves the introduction, on-boarding and tech support of new business owners and their teams as they launch and grow into successful businesses.


In the classroom is where Janet will also be found, delivering the 4-day Getting Started the Harcourts Way Sales Programme, listing presentation workshops, Technology workshops and Office Administration Programmes.


Janet also drives recruitment for Harcourts NSW current and future offices by organising and facilitating careers events and recruitment initiatives.

Sam Forde | SA, Australia

About Sam

I’m a firm believer in striving to be better tomorrow than I am today.


When I was young, that meant spending hours training in the pool.


Now, my personal challenge is long distance running. In the past five years, I’ve competed in marathons in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland – and I’m pleased to say I’ve beaten my personal best every time.


It’s the same with my career. I’ve worked in real estate for 26 years and am currently managing director of a fast growing business on South Australia’s beautiful South Coast. While I know vision and hard work are key contributors to our success, I also know that our growth owes more to the team of people we work with and who deliver on our vision every day.


The one thing I enjoy most is mentoring the people around me – helping them to reach their personal and professional goals by being better tomorrow than they are today!

Anna Gooch | TAS, Australia

About Anna

I am relatively new to the real estate industry joining the Harcourts Tasmania team in 2014 as State Executive Administrator. I work closely with CEO Tony Morrison and the entire state team. I act as support for the 22 Harcourts office’s throughout Tasmania and coordinate the statewide events. I am also the Harcourts Foundation Ambassador for Tasmania.


With my marketing and events background I have brought new ideas to the team and I love being part of a dynamic team and leading business. I live on a beautiful farm in northern Tasmania and enjoy the balance (juggle!) of farm, family (with two little people) and Harcourts.


The one thing I enjoy most is mentoring the people around me – helping them to reach their personal and professional goals by being better tomorrow than they are today!

Email: Email Anna
Phone: +61 3 6337 9700

Vanessa Maher | VIC, Australia

About Vanessa

I started in the Real Estate industry in 1995 and I’ve worked with 4 different Real Estate agencies and the REIV before joining Harcourts. One common thread has been my dedication to a high level of client service and performance consistency. I have enjoyed sharing my skills, knowledge and attitude with hundreds of Real Estate professionals and hopefuls through the Learning and Professional Development pathways.

Lynette McFadden | New Zealand

About Lynette

Through her vision and leadership, Lynette McFadden has been a driving force behind the meteoric rise of Harcourts gold from unassuming suburban office to one of the shining lights of the Harcourts Group – the Papanui office now holding the distinction of being Harcourts’ top office out of 800 around the world.


Lynette’s ability to forge relationships has made her a formidable business leader – able to inspire, motivate and support her team to achieve top results year after year. From one-on-one mentoring of sales consultants, to a programme of training across the company, and beyond, to her public speaking engagements, charitable work and regular magazine columns, Lynette has a talent for bringing out the best in people. She has coached many award-winning sales consultants, including several Harcourts Christchurch Rookie of the Year recipients and the Number 1 sales consultant across Harcourts internationally, and has been influential in the consistently high ranking of Harcourts gold within the Harcourts Group, locally, nationally and internationally. Her coaching is underpinned by strong personal discipline and a legendary work ethic: the long hours and intense commitment to the task that Lynette puts in allow her to lead by example while still devoting time to being proud mum of her two sons, Harry and Louis. In 2012, her pivotal role in the success of Harcourts Gold was recognised when she and John became the first couple ever to be inducted into the Harcourts Hall of Fame.

Lynette continues to play a key leadership role in Harcourts Gold: her influence ensures that no part of the customer experience is left untouched by the Harcourts Gold magic.


Also an inspirational women speaker.

Key Messages

  • Success comes from courage then capacity
  • Paint your life in bright colours and bold stripes




Gael Hodgson | South Africa

About Gael

Gael boasts an extensive career in corporate sales and customer service. She joined one of the biggest real estate players in the industry in 2003 as a sales agent and during her 7 years of selling property she won the title of 'Rookie of the Year' as well as many awards including 'Top Agent Based on Commission', 'Most Income Generated' and 'Most Units Sold'. Gael joined Harcourts in 2010 as the Business Development Manager for the KwaZulu-Natal and East London regions where she has been able to combine her previous experience to do what she is most passionate about - growing people and their businesses to their full potential.


Jackie Smith | North Island New Zealand

About Jackie


Mobile: +64 21 505 520

Jackie started her love affair with property at an early age and trained originally as an Interior Designer, having studied in England at the Chelsea School of Art and Design to obtain her qualifications. This naturally led her into working with developers in designing the interiors of their show homes in London’s Docklands and eventually working with clients on their coastal residences. From this platform she entered the world of Real Estate, dealing with both lifestyle and waterfront properties in the South East of England. When Jackie arrived on the shores of New Zealand it seemed an obvious career choice that her passion for property would best be nurtured by working with clients to find their dream homes, here on the North Shore. Her enthusiasm, honesty and integrity have ensured her success in this industry and her business has been based on relationships and referrals. After 11.5 years of successfully helping vendors and purchasers with their requests she is now working as Branch Manager for Takapuna, Harcourts Cooper & Co Real Estate.

Chrissie Carr California USA

About Chrissie


Mobile: +64 21 505 520

One of Harcourts pioneers in USA, Chrissie Carr is thrilled to have opened Harcourts Advantage in Carlsbad, California, in August 2016. Chrissie has leveraged her experience and expertise in building a top realtor office, where her 30 agents sell and deliver world class service to their clients. After twenty-eight years in the real estate industry, Chrissie is happy to be aligned with a company whose values are closely aligned with her own. What sets Harcourts Advantage and Chrissie, apart from the other Brokers are four things: People first. Doing the right thing. Being courageous. Fun and laughter Chrissie is in a great position, where she carefully selects and mentors her Associates based on her own experience as a successful Real Estate Agent and believes that when an agent has the right people skills, doing the right thing comes naturally. Her philosophy is that if you always serve the client's with their best interests in mind, the business will follow. She encourages her Associates to think outside the box to find best way to service their clients. Chrissie is passionate about helping others to achieve the quality of life she has always been grateful for and is especially determined in her role as Inspirational Women Ambassador to encourage young women to find the confidence and direction to create their own success. Consistent and resilient, Chrissie models the traits required for her incredible success and her vital role as Ambassador for Inspirational Women California.